For many decades, the Self-Service Grocery Store (ca. 1934), located in the Yates Center Courthouse Square, at 112 W Rutledge St, Yates Center, Kansas – served Yates Center and the surrounding areas for many decades, closing in 1986(?). In 2000, Dollar General made its home in the building for nearly a decade, before relocating to their current location on Highway 75 (2008).

The Feedbunk Restaurant comes to life

Lance and his friends would always find themselves hanging out downtown Yates Center, in front of the vacant building, catching up, talking on a Friday or Saturday night. Lance kept telling his friends, he was going to own the building one day, and open a restaurant. In 2008, the economy was really struggling, and Lance felt Yates Center was lacking a good restaurant. After many countless hours and late night talks with several others, Lance put a plan in motion to start a restaurant. On March 16, 2009, The Feedbunk unlocked the doors to the most supportive community anyone could ever ask for. Now 7 years later we are still going strong.
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